About MeI am a female Malaysian Artist that has graduated from Diploma and is currently working as a freelancer but is also balancing it with my personal projects/hobbies. I am proud to be a Muslim although I don't see myself that knowledgeable. My birthday is on the 18th December.I can be a little crazy sometimes with the people in my circle. I like to take things slow but if I have full motivation I can possibly finish it in a flash.I like to spend my time hanging out with my friends on discord where we sometimes draw, play game and do work together!My Identity is not a secret however I prefer to be low profiled in my personal life and rather be kept private. I may be opened to only people I trust. I want people to see my art after all.

About My ArtI am currently using Clip Studio Paint software to design and I use XP Pen Deco 7 Mini as my drawing pad.
I full-heartedly appreciate the support from people around me.
I like to draw my characters along with my friends sometimes. Sometimes I draw from what I feel when in the making. I'm still tweaking my skills and trying new techniques when I want to.As an artist myself, I do not allow people using my art as a repost or as their own without permission.(commissions are excluded because they are paid for personal use)I open commissions depending on myself however there will still be chances that I'll be accepting commissions even though it's not announced. (Do not be shy to ask fowardly)